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About Dr. Clark

No one wants to live in a world where someone is judged entirely by the way they look, but society does have a high regard for beauty and handsome proportions. There exists in the human heart the desire to be the best that one can be.  It is a fact of life that our appearance for better or worse, affects how we feel about ourselves and how we are perceived by others.

Skilled cosmetic surgery can help make your outside look more the way you want, and that can mean important changes in the way you feel inside and the way you interact with people around you.  The opportunity to improve your appearance through cosmetic surgery is exciting, yet it represents a major decision in your life. It is important that you seek the assistance of a trained and skilled physician, one who possesses a vast knowledge of the options individually available to you, and the expertise and empathy to help you realize them, a physician such as Dr. Richard Clark.

Although Dr. Clark's practice is in Sacramento, he sees patients throughout California, the United States, and internationally as well.

For breast reconstruction and help with body lifts after massive weight loss, Dr. Clark turns to his associate Dr. Jeffrey Sweat.

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